Growing demand for Delta one

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Our research shows equities sales and sales trading in major investment banks are not hiring hotspots at the moment. However, there are particular skillsets, which, if possessed, will increase both your chances of being hired and the salary you are offered.

As activity in equities remains low, employers want to make the most out of the talent they have. They are seeking candidates who have had significant exposure to Delta one products: a financial derivative with no optionality. Candidates who can sell both traditional equities products and Delta one offerings rank highly as trading floors align cash and derivatives closer together to increase revenue. As the latter provide clients with increased exposure to a variety of securities (including ETF’s and dividend swaps) within a single product, they are highly attractive.

A report by JP Morgan detailed the expected growth of Delta one products by 9% over the next year. Thus we are seeing more strategic value-add hiring from major investment banks that are moving away from the traditional hiring of pure cash equity sales/sales traders and focusing on a multi skilled and multi functional broker.

This skill set is becoming increasingly sought after in the current market place. Banks are currently retraining staff to encompass it. Those who already possess and can execute it come at a premium.

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